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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ACS?

Academy for Creative Students is pioneering in the field of designing & animation with industry experience of more than 6 years. To be the best and face the cutthroat competition you have to learn from the best.

Is it good for me?

There are many different types of coaching and designing institute out there that will try their best to make you a victim of sweet talks & fraudulent schemes & teach you nothing.
ACS detest those schemes and is always working towards the development of students.

What is fee structure of ACS?

We offer many different types of courses depending on your interests and time. The fee may differ. You can contact us for more detailed info.

Is faculty good?

Of any institute, the faculty plays a major role in its firm foundation. Faculty of ACS is world class & friendly with up to date knowledge of their respective fields.

Any extracurricular activities?

We provide regular workshops, college visits, tourism, outdoor sketching & guest lectures for the purpose of creativity, knowledge, exploration & adventures. Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. & we can provide you with that change for the better

What about job opportunities?

Field of designing and creativity is one of the most versatile field in the world today. You can be an architect, a graphic designer, fashion designer, apparel designer, motion graphic designer, 2D developer, 3D developer & many more. 
The opportunities are endless & lies far beyond your imagination.